48h in Lisbon: Will it be enough? The Insider’s Guide

The answer is no – 48h is too short for a Lisbon visit, but in case you have just two days, we have prepared an expert traveller guide with tips and tricks for your short trip to Lisbon Portugal.

Portugal was a nation that in my reality had long remained solitary. For a long time it had been the main crevice on my western European travel map. It might be on account of its at risk; you don’t experience Portugal to go anyplace. So it was a long past due minute when we touched down in Lisbon and we had the capacity investigate this nation that brought us Vasco da Gama, Cristiano Ronaldo and piri-piri chicken.Lisbon_Downtown_Sunset


We burned through over two days in Lisbon and got to see a couple of the primary sights in that time. What amount of time do you require? That relies on upon the amount you need to see, yet what is not in uncertainty is the need to bring with you the right shoes to handle the city’s tricky cobbles. I didn’t, and ended up nursing an amazing determination of rankles before the end of day 2. Self-perpetrated however no less offensive accordingly: be cautioned.

A simple to arrange, the highlights of Lisbon can be partitioned into three zones. On a weekend trek permit each of these in any event a half day.


It is here that Lisbon’s most shot building is found. The Belem tower remains on the shoreline, around 5km west of the focal point of the city. The recreation center and promenade before this stout sixteenth century fortress are a mainstream spot for Lisbon families to appreciate the evening daylight, and to watch the swarms of sightseers probably. The tower has been assigned World Heritage Site status alongside the close-by Jeronimo Monastery, and both are definitely justified even despite the tram ride out of the city.


A moderately new expansion to the Belem region is the Padrao dos Descobrimentos, or the Discoveries Monument. This pays respect to the armies of Portuguese voyagers of the fifteenth and sixteenth hundreds of years, a large number of whom presumably set sail from some place near to this spot. You can move to the highest point of the landmark to see more extensive perspectives of the Tagus estuary, in spite of the fact that the perspectives from ground level are great on a sunny day.






Downtown Lisbon:

Lisbon’s focal zone is anything but difficult to get around by foot, and trams circled a great part of the city if your feet feel sick of walking. It’s a shockingly sloping city so take the chance to make utilization of the funicular Elevadores. These brilliant yellow autos have rearranged all over the slopes of Lisbon for more than 100 years; and also giving a simple climb to the best perspectives around the local area, they are a fascination in themselves. The watchful counterbalancing obliges that a greatest of 20 individuals can go up the slope while no one but 15 can descend.

Different attractions incorporate the Lisbon Cathedral (Sé de Lisboa) and the Castelo de Sao Jorge that disregards all aspects of the city from its unmistakable spot high to the east of the focal zone. In spite of the fact that the castle is open until 9pm in the mid year, make sure to get there before 5pm to see the Camera Obscura in real life. As a huge enthusiast of these shrewd gadgets I was frustrated to pass up a major opportunity for this bizarre perspective of Lisbon.

The focal zone is stuffed with restaurants, the majority of which have touts cajolling passing voyagers to sit in their seats and consume from their plates. I have a strict lead about never consuming at a spot with a tout outside, and after a short inquiry we discovered the astounding Casa Da Mo, serving great Portuguese nourishment in an unhurried and charming environment. We even backtracked there for our second night; something I infrequently like to do.


We took the risk to visit Sintra, around 30 km out of Lisbon and home to the eminent Pena Palace. It’s definitely justified even despite a visit yet attempt to get there sooner than 10am – we didn’t and needed to arrange some way or another around in the middle of a few extensive visit bunches. Here on this day is totally recommended a day trip (suggestion – a Private Tour from Lisbon), to avoid wasting time on public transportation and lines, getting lost.

Lisbon Card:

I was appreciative to the Lisbon Tourism people for offering me a complimentary Lisbon Card (alright, I did demand it). With one free card we obtained an additional 48 hour pass for the typical rate of €29.50. This permits free section to some city attractions, rebates for others and free open transport anyplace in the city.

Having a card is exceptionally advantageous, particularly on the off chance that you wind up utilizing open transport widely. Be that as it may, I think it would be diligent work to visit enough attractions to make the cards beneficial fiscally. We did a ton in two days, and as our cards began at lunchtime we even took the risk to utilize the card as a part of adjacent Sintra on the third morning, yet we made reserve funds of €42 between us; great as we got a complimentary card, yet not advantageous in the event that we had paid the maximum for two. The thing is that Lisbon’s attractions are sensibly valued, implying that even an occupied agenda of touring, and there is much to see.

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