Feira da Ladra (Lisbon Flea Market)

Each Tuesday and Saturday the Feira da Ladra (literal translation “the thieves market” or “flea market”) assembles several second hand venders looking to win some additional cash with garments, dishes, records, books, collectables and each sort of obsolescents. From day break to lunchtime, both novice and expert sales representatives display their stock in extemporized stands (here and there on materials laid out on the ground) in campo de Santa Clara. As per the records, feira da Ladra goes back from the Middle Age. It first occurred in chão da Feira, close-by St. George Castle, however it moved to praça da Alegria after the 1755 quake. It has been held in its present spot following 1882.

The flea market is separated into distinctive regions, each of them for different merchants. There is a territory for handiwork, one for old vinyl records, a zone for CD’s and DVD’s, a zone for military dress, a gathering of bookscouts (some gaining practical experience in comic books) and about six of philatelic and numismatic shippers. You can likewise discover specialists who, without a superior spot, show their manifestations here. In feira da Ladra it is regular (and firmly fitting) to deal the cost of each thing. The business sector acknowledges proficient, novice and infrequent merchants, yet they must request a permit from the City Hall ahead of time. Close by is Santa Engrácia church, otherwise called National Pantheon.

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