European Best Destinations have just awarded three places in Portugal as being the most romantic destinations for 2015 Valentine Day!
Have you ever heard of Sintra, Porto or Madeira? These are the places to go in 2015!


Sintra is a gem situated between the mountains and the ocean, holding up to be found by all who dare lose themselves in its glorious verifiable legacy, lush nature, cosmopolitan social offer and rich gastronomy.

Sintra radiates a sentimental air that left a profound impact on the spirit and work of the essayists who, in the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years, spearheaded the Romantic soul and praised subjectivity and the feeling of the human dramatization. Sintra is genuinely the capital of Romanticism in Europe. It is a spot to experience!



The archipelago of Madeira is synonymous with appeal and complexity, making it the perfect spot for an occasion visit loaded with sentimental potential outcomes.

In Funchal, let yourself be enchanted by the brilliant colors of the Mercado dos Lavradores, a business sector where blooms, leafy foods normal island ensembles of the stallholders all consolidate to give a mosaic that is brimming with life.

Just a short separation away, you can take the link auto up to Monte and the ridge from where, in the organization of your cherished one, you can watch out over the inlet spotted with yachts bouncing here and there on the vast ocean.



Porto is one of Europe’s most seasoned traveler goals. Its abundance of momentous and aesthetic legacy, Port Wine, outside relaxation spaces and social life are only a portion of the motivations to visit this city.

Whenever of the day, 365 days of the year, Porto has an unique appeal for anybody going to the city shockingly, as it accomplishes for those returning for a brief moment visit, to find a city that is all the while cutting edge and real.


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